What we do

Trafalgar All Trades is a building company which specialises in plumbing and heating, electrical and testing, building and joinery, kitchens and bathrooms and many more.

We offer a large variety of construction, replacement and repair services for your heating and plumbing needs. Some of the residential and commercial services that we offer include drain cleaning, drain system inspection using video camera, plumbing and heating replacement, heat pumps, furnaces installation, hot water tanks, boiling tanks, heat recovery ventilation equipment and many more. We work from door to do a full refurbishment or extension wherever needed.

At the heart of our success are our employees who are passionate, committed and experienced professionals and form an integral part of the projects we deliver. We have a team of experienced tradesmen in the electrical, plastering, brickwork, decorative trades, plumbers, builders, joiners and roofers all equal to the task to deliver quality service.

With many projects undertaken and successfully delivered to clients across the UK, you can be assured that whatever the task or issue you have, one of our team can help.

So book an appointment with us today and a get a free quotation and estimates on the cost to be incurred and free advice that will help you actualize your dream project.

This is why we pride ourselves in meeting the challenges of the customers such as budgets, tight schedules, difficulty in site conditions or achieving that unique design